One of the purpose of every human being is to help others. This is the reason for our existence without which life has no meaning .That is why Dalai said ; if you cannot help at least don’t hurt.

As a teacher my greatest worry is how I will be judged by those who are under my care. That I s why when my assignment at KAIRI was endorsed I was startled and scattered by the change. This change has however brought new experience, challenges and hope.

Sometimes as a leader, we experience that surge of adrenaline that’s makes you feel you are swimming without a life-saver. This is what makes me tick. I am more persuaded to agree with/Aristotle that those who teach children are more honored than those who raise them challenge my colleagues to live for this calling that few have been anointed to.

The storming stage at KAIRI has been an exiting moment but not a walk in the park. The boys gave me a unique welcome : you have come too much” this depressed me but it sharpened my timid mind . the teachers had their nerves on edge too , as they struggled to cope with the storms of change. My observation informs me that KAIRI is a great school. Whether the giant went to sleep is a story for another day. I believe that every school is a great school and here we are. What we need is focused mind and activities, doing little things that make great difference .

This is what Gladwell’s Malcom talks about in the “Tipping Point” We must learn to live together work together, or perish like fools.We need to bandage our old wounds and move forward without any blame game . we are part of the story. A promised mean 8.35 is not a rocket science. It’s a journey that all of us should be prepared to walk. We must go that extra mile and do more than before . God nor created failures in himself or in us.

The true reflection of our abilities lies in the conviction that we are the image of God the giver of all. Like eagles we must fly and never eat dead bodies. Beyond horizons is where we belong to discover the source of rivers and to name new found mountains. Missionaries sacrificed their own lives we should be the missionaries of our school going beyond the call of duty to give our best. Lighting a candle for each of the student under our care. Whether we are going to start a rebellion or an uprising, whatever it takes! We must improve the feel factor of Kairi school. The urgency to succeed and complete task has never been this pregnant.

Like a ripple we must breath, talk, see and hear success. This is an infection that we must spread . Banquet come with a price and this is the cost of good result. Therefore we will work, we will save and we will fight cheerfully , and do our utmost as if the issue of the whole struggle depends on us alone.

This is my prayer.

Mwaria A.M


It gives me a great pleasure and satisfaction to participate in celebration of our celebration of our academic achievements in KAIRI HIGH , NOW a provincial school as one of the stalk holders. While I appreciate all that has been made possible by varied collective and conscious efforts by stalk holders i.e ( the students, teachers, the PTA , and the board of Governors ) its my humble observation that there is still more that we can achieve , in our endeavors to place this great school in its rightful position on academic map.

To our students its important to remember that education transforms people lives so take time to read. It’s the source of knowledge and wisdom with a renewed sense of commitment and enthusiasm. Always remember : An optimistic, see an opportunity in every calamity, A pessimist see a calamity in every opportunity .

Use every obstacle as a stepping stone to success while maintaining good discipline , high morals and integrity beyond reproach. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Remember the huge sacrifices your parents make in the course of time to ensure continued learning.

To the parents teachers and the PTA we wish to assure you of our school Board of Governors support in all areas to realize the dream school that we all have aspired to have. As we embrace beneficial modern technology and innovations , and the new dispensation of the country government in the school and revitalize our energies, so that they are more responsive to the needs of our students community. Its our prayer to see a KAIRI, where everyone undertakes their roles in the most efficient manner , and their roles in the most available resources prudently for the benefits of all.


The deputy principle’s office is charged with ensuring discipline is maintained in the school. I am happy to note that the school has recorded marked improvement in the level of discipline. This has enabled the students to adjust to the revised school programme which is aimed at maximizing students’ contact time with their texts books.

To this end I would like to commend the entire KAIRI family for this achievement led by the team Captain Mr. Mwaria A.M that said we have a few students who have lagged behind in living up to their expectation. It is in the public domain that this is kairi Reloaded and we are on the run .

We therefore cannot afford to have some people left behind if we are to achieve our targets. It is therefore prudent that these few students pull up and live up to the expectations. Remember EDUCATION CAN TAKE YOU PLACES BUT DISCIPLINE WILL KEEP YOU THERE. Let us all pull as a team as together each achieves more. Remember the greatest school is where you are.

God bless


Work and no play makes jack a dull boy, but work and play will make jack a tired boy. Thus the boarding facility in a school cannot be over emphasized. It offers a fall back positions for students after a long time day’s work and a renewal of their lost energies.

As a school , Kairi has endeavored to provide a comfortable boarding facility for our students over the years inspire of challenges. The levels of cleanliness has been on the upward trend with the introduction of a care taker and weekly teacher ‘s visits, inspection to dormitories. The students have also a great extent, internalized their duty to maintain cleanliness of their second home.

Last term 2013 cleanliness results put Nyandarua (F 4) dormitory on the top of the list and a party for the same is in the offing. Providing for students with special needs especially medical and dietary has been a challenge. Some time demanding that they are attended at an awkward hours.

To this end, I advice students with such a case to register with the department to facilitate better management of the same.

Wise quote:
You do not know what you have until you do not have it anymore; treasure what you have now.

Ngigi L.K
Boarding Master.


Kairi High school has a very stable directorate of studies  department which  is the nerve centre  of all academic  programes in the school .The  administration   has invested abundantly  in the department to make it modern  with all the operations being fully computerized.Directorate  of studies department  is headed by Mr. Gikunju M.N assisted by Mr. Muya. It’s a very busy department  which calls  the officers in charge to fully  devote time and energy to see that all the academics programs In  the school  are running smoothly. Each member  of the department has an obligation  to see that all the duties  assigned are done on time  and as perfectly  as possible. Some of the major tasks of the department include:

  1. Analysis of examination and preparation of report forms. The department has a school management system which is used for the task of analyzing  examination administered  by the school. The management  system has made a task of preparation  of report forms less tasking.parents are also able to trace the trend of the performance of their sons for a given period of time.
  2. Preparation of school academic programs timetables- timetables  such as the master timetable remedial class time tables etc are prepared   by the department. the school administration has as well  computerized this task of time tabling,which has made it easier for the department.
  3. The Department has a duty of analyzing  KCSE and Mock examination  and forwarding  the analysis  through the  administration  to the ministry  of Education.
  4. Motivation of academic achievers is also  the duty of the Directorate of Studies Department. Academic achievers are motivated termly by receiving prizes at the end of the term and also gets a  motivational trip at the commencement for  each term. This has made students to embrace competition among  them.
  5. Academics Clinics for the forms are also organized annually. Each form is slotted its day in the academic calendar year of the school in which parents, teachers and students come together to address the performance of individual students. Students commit themselves  to meet specific targets which they should work to achiever.
  6. The department has a responsibility of registering  KCSE candidates  as per the  KNEC registration calendar.
  7. The department is also tasked  to organize the prize giving/education day which is an annual event.

The listed tasks are just among  the many tasks performed by the department.To see that there is coordination among all the academic programs in the school, the department  is tasked to co-ordinate  the activities  of the academic HODs. Academic HODs are expected to implement the school policies on academic affairs so that there is harmony in operations of these departments.

The department has also facilitated the integration of ICT in curriculum delivery. ICT revision materials had been  procured by administration and the department has been tasked  to facilitate the access of these materials by various subject teachers.

The success so far achieved by the department is as a result of the support by the various  stakeholders among them  administration, teachers, students and parents. The department takes this opportunity to thank abundantly all those who have got us this far.

Thank you.