Kairi science Department initiated a science club that was ignited by Samuel Mbugua who is currently the chairman. The club main agenda was to ensure that sciences could shine in Kairi school by enabling many students to realize their potential in Science Subjects.

The club through its chairman came up with the slogan (science Evolves) thanks to the chairman together with his team comprising; George Mbugua,( Almedia), Samuel Githae and Kevin Macharia.
Chairman Remarks: (Samuel Mbugua) That kairi should produce students who are chemically ,physically & biologically adapted to the changing society.(digital) Vice Chairman’s Remarks; (George Mbugua K) – Kairi should continuously shine in science and in other areas of its concern.


Brain Teasers of Science:
• Did you know that every human being spent about an hour as a single cell?
• Did you know that the first test-tube twins were born in June 1981?

By The Chairman- Samuel Mbugua


Kairi Debate Club was initiated by Charles Ngure Wanja , school captain of the year 2010. The club has been going on well in the last 4 yrs. It has been an active club and has been receiving awards on prize Giving Days.

It hosts its debating sessions in the School hall from 4:30-5:30pm each Wednesday. Intially, the club experienced lots of challenges such as students failure to show up in time for sessions but there came a time when students appreciated and became passionate about the activities. Debate has produced so many great people who represent the school to the National Levels in public speaking.It has helped people to gain courage to talk before multitudes and to writ accurately. We are happy to be associated with god speakers in both English and Kiswahili.


One of the most the purpose of every human being is to help others. This is the reason for our existence without which life has no meaning. That is why where that is why Dalai said; if you cannot help at least don’t hurt.

As a teacher my greatest worry is how I will be judged by those who are under my care. That I s why when my assignment at KAIRI was endorsed I was startled and scattered by the change. This change has however brought new experience, challenges and hope.

Sometimes as a leader, we experience that surge of adrenaline that’s makes you feel you are swimming without a life-saver. This is what makes me tick.  I am more persuaded to agree with/Aristotle that those who teach children are more honored than those who raise them challenge my colleagues to live for this calling that few have been anointed to.